The forms needed by a Mount Hood chapter crew leader can be found on this page. To complete an online project report, visit the PCTA’s Crew Leader Center.

Crew Leader Packet

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

  • Trail Maintenance (DOCX, PDF)
  • Trail Condition Survey (DOCX, PDF)
  • Post-fire Work (CRGNSA) (PDF)
  • Stream Crossing (Zigzag RD) (PDF)
  • Packing with Livestock (PDF)
  • Grip Hoist and Rigging (PDF)
  • Cable Hoist and Winch Use (PDF)

Volunteer Injury Packet

  • Volunteer Injury Instructions (PDF)
  • SOAP Note (PDF)
  • CA-1 Report of Injury (PDF)
  • CA-16 Authorization for Examination or Treatment (PDF)
  • Witness Statement (PDF, XLS)
  • Volunteer Injury Packet section in the PCTA’s Crew Leader Center


  • Tool Checkout Form (PDF, XLSX)
  • Chain Saw Tool Checklist (PDF)
  • Crosscut Saw Tool Checklist (PDF)
  • Trail Tools (PDF)
  • Inventory Groups (PDF, XLSX)


  • Hand Wash Station (Overview) (PDF)
  • Hand Wash Station (Setup Instructions) (PDF)

Trailhead Communication Plan Support

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